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There are no substitutes for phosphorus in agriculture.

Recently the term "Peak Phosphate" has begun to enter the agriculture research literature and has become visible in the investment media and as there is no known substitute for Phosphate based fertilisers the term begins to have real meaning, especially for countries dependent on broad acre crops, despite a slight increase (~6.4%) of world phosphate production from 2007 - 2008. 

Phosphatic material, such as cave earth or guano, was extracted on a small scale in the past from caves in Palaeozoic limestone at several localities in New South Wales. More recently several ASX listed companies have found, large scale, economically viable, rock phosphate deposits that will allow Australia to become a world class producer.

Australian Phosphate is an independent website designed primarily for investors interested in the Australian phosphate (and potash) mining and export industries. (Phosphate is not Potash)

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Australian Potash

Australia has 6 ASX listed companies that have JORC compliant Potash resources of over 10Mt.

Australia is a substantial Potash consumer but currently has no production.

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Phosphate Production by Country

Rank Country Production (Tons) 2008
China 50,000
Morocco* 28,000
Russia 11,000
Tunisia 7,800..
Jordan 5,500..
8 Syria 3,700..
9 Israel 3,100..
10 Egypt 3,000..
11 S Africa 2,400..
12 Australia 2,300..
*Morocco and Western Sahara.
Australia supplies around 65% of S. E. Asia's Phosphate imports.
Australia imports over 75% of its rock phosphate fertiliser needs